Shy Men

Nortje claimed the key wickets of England’s top scorer Rory Burns for 84 and captain Joe Root two shy of a battling.

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I think our players and our coaches, the core guys that we have leading our football team.

he passed for a season-high 391.

The decision on day two of the second test at the MCC ended the Australian Captain’s innings on 79, a frustrating 21 runs shy.

Many Highs And Few Lows For Indian Boxing In Panghal’s Year – Pooja Rani, a boxer who felt shy about wearing gloves at the start of her career.

by denying Zareen a scheduled trial bout.

From Bolly and Hollywood stars sporting leggings and yoga pants to men giving a thumbs up to their Lululemon ABC pants.


In Najeeb’s case, there is official reluctance towards being decisive, as the police remain shy about finding Najeeb.


Although he does not shy away from coaching roles in the future.

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