Chatango Staff are people who moderate the Chatango website. Usually, the Staff Moderators are chosen by Alec Matusis , who is the creator of Chatango. List of Staff Most of this information was provided by Cellsheet. Alec is the person who confirmed this. Note: This list of users are confirmed.

One hour of being a female on chatangoA Chatango live chat.

Delete Shaadi Profile Hi Mayur, I created an account on some time ago. But now that I have found the girl of my dreams, I want to delete it. I have been trying to find out to delete it but couldn’t. Can

It is said that with Chatango boredom is gone. Well it is not, they are still active and working. This means there are chat rooms which when you find and join, you won’t be bored again. So Chatango chat rooms are ideal not only for passing information and communicating with others, but it is also good or ideal for curing boredom, you’ll be busy and won’t be bored. Of course, whether you are bored or not depends.